English as a Second Language (ESL)

English as a Second Language (ESL) classes are provided for English language learners at all levels of proficiency, from a Beginner track to Advanced level. The program focuses on a rich and balanced curriculum that draws connections between language, culture, and current events therefore supporting all dimensions of language learning and teaching. Communicative language teaching and task-based learning activities offer ample opportunities for language use. The linguistic content of the courses is rich, diverse, motivating, and provides the students the academic foundations that will lead them to a pathway into a future career for a non-English individual. Students in the ESL program will be prepared to continue to a better education and become gainful employed.

In the ESL courses the student is initially assessed on their English language skills and placement is determined. The instructor reviews and evaluates goals and objectives for each student. These skills will start with and include basic reading, writing skills as well as speaking and listening skills necessary for a good foundation in the ESL course. From the start, the ESL levels are like building blocks; start at a level and continue to move up. By the end of the course, students are able to read, write and have conversation at an advanced level. Mastery of these skills is the vital link for future successful employment.

As the student progress through and completes each level, they eventually become proficient in reading, writing, speaking and listening with ongoing assessments which are particularly important for English language learners.

Being proficient and having mastery of the English language will allow the student to be able to enroll in one of the vocational courses offered at National Polytechnic College, and participate with clear understanding and comprehension of the required materials and curriculum. This will allow the student the best opportunity to obtain employment in the field of their choice.

The last 100 hours of the course is dedicated to TOEFL preparation. It is not required for the student to pass the TOEFL exam to begin the vocational training of their choice but it is highly encouraged if they plan to continue their education at a higher level of education.

ESL Program Mission

Our mission is to provide our students with challenging and valuable opportunities to learn and enhance their linguistic and cultural knowledge. We believe that the study of a second language fosters understanding of the intellectual, artistic and cultural heritage of other cultures and nations. The ability to be multilingual and understand different cultures offers one endless opportunities. As technology continues to grow, it becomes increasingly important to acquire the skills to communicate effectively in today’s global community. Learning a language in the country of its origin enhances every aspect of the learning experience.