Holiday Break

We are very proud to inform our fellow graduates and current active student body in the MRI and Ultrasound programs that NPCollege is now approved through ACCSC (our accreditation), to apply for ARRT certificaiton in either MRI or DMS. Although NPCollege has been accredited by ARMRIT in MRI, we welcome the opportunity and great value this brings to our future graduates.

While this change does not represent a significant change in the high level of training students already receive, it makes MRI graduates more competitive in the industry. This means that our graduates will be able to sit for both ARMRIT and ARRT certification exams as long as all requirements have been met.

Congratulations to all who have recognized the importance of providing the opportunity to future contributors of our medical imaging society and to all who will make the best out of this priviledge!

If you need additinal information, please contact the admissions department at :

(562) 206-0262, visit our MRI page, or