Message from Founder

As the CEO and President of NPCollege, I would like to thank you for taking a moment to learn about the endless possibilities that NPCollege has to offer to reach your academic goals. This is the perfect moment to pursue higher education to face today’s challenges of the global economy that only education can overcome. I founded NPCollege in 1996 to provide education and training in a variety of allied health careers serving both the community and surrounding areas. NPCollege was granted institutional approval by the State of California (BPPE). National Polytechnic College is a private institution, approved to operate by the Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education (BPPE). Approval means compliance with state standards. In 2003, the school received national accreditation by ACCSC and later by the U.S. Department of Education (Title IV financial Aid). While achieving numerous accreditations and approvals by government agencies including Veterans Affairs (GI BILL) and the Department of Homeland Security (SEVIS), our continued success allowed us to open the doors to our newest facility in Lakewood, California.


• Our primary objective is to provide our students quality education by focusing on the importance of labor market trends, technology advancement and educational material updates.

• Establishing a comfortable and pristine educational environment by providing students spacious classrooms with up-to-date equipment, realistic work environment settings, beautiful interior design and areas to relax prior or after class is a priority that we can’t overlook.

• We hire the most qualified administrative staff and educational instructors with the proper work experience and educational backgrounds along with continuous workshops and training to better support the needs of students.

• Just as essential, our institutional departments are fully staffed with knowledge of outside reinforcements for students during their educational (and career search) experience at NPCollege’s Admissions, Student Services, Financial Aid, and Career Services.

• NPCollege is actively in contact with outside clinical sites and encourages employer visits to our campus with the purpose of evaluating our classrooms and teaching methods. Most importantly, Advisory Board meetings continuously enrich program curricula to better prepare students in a competitive labor market.


It is our mission to provide our community with a meaningful education in a comfortable learning environment to improve the quality of life and satisfy student needs. We strive to offer students adequate hands-on training, job-seeking skills and placement services to prepare students for chosen career opportunities.

Dariush (David) Maddahi