Career Services

Career Services

General Information

NPCollege has a full time Career Services Department that collaborates with the student's program instructor to provide assistance in attaining an externship site and employment services. Career Services will prepare you to conduct an extensive job search and will teach you the most effective techniques that will help you land the job you want. We will also prepare you to answer the most common employer questions and handle many different types of interviews.

Our Career Services team knows what an employer is looking for in the hiring process. We will help you prepare an effective resume and cover letter and will explain how to use them efficiently. We will also spend considerable amount of time uncovering new job leads. We regularly contact employers on behalf of our students and work with an extensive database of employers who have hired our students and graduates over the years. While we expect you to work hard on your own job search, we will work just as hard as you do.

While the College will provide employment assistance, some companies contact NPCollege for likely candidates for employment; known vacancies in the field will be made known to our graduates seeking employment.

All individuals that are seeking employment are always welcome to use the resources that the Career Services department has to offer with respect to the time period assigned to students to find employment. We know from our graduates and current enrolled students that achieving success requires the support of many. The Career Services Department is here to provide you with the necessary tools in order for you to succeed in your chosen career.