Congratulations Scholarship Recipients!

Congratulations Scholarship Recipients!

Lakewood Women's Club - Legacy Scholarship


Recenlty, The Lakewood Women’s Club awarded TWO applicants a $1,000 scholarship towards their career of choice. NPCollege will continue to pursue excellence in delivering quality education to students who want are in thier pursuit for higher educaiton and a career. Receipients of the award have demonstrated their resilience against all odds that could have prevented them from achievng their career dreams. 

Do you want to apply for a scholarship?

The Lakewood Women’s Club will celebrate our club’s 70th Anniversary in 2023. As a way to honor the legacy of all the Lakewood Women’s Club members who have worked to support the Women’s Club since 1953, they have created The Legacy Scholarship. This scholarship will provide residents of Lakewood or the surrounding area an opportunity to gain skills for entry or reentry in the workforce.

This scholarship will be offered for a limited time and to those who whish to apply for any of the programs offered by NPCollege. 

To learn about our program and its requirements, visit the NPCollege Programs page.


If you wish to apply for The Women's Club Scholarship, ask the admissions office for an application at the time of your initial interview.

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You must submit the application and supporting documentation by no later than the next start date of your career interest. 



For questions regarding the scholarship, you may also contact:

NPCollege Admissionis

(562) 206-0262