To: All NPCollege Staff Members
From: David Maddahi, NPCollege CEO
Subject: COVID-19 Coronavirus Update

Dear student and staff member:
Your health and safety is always priority and keeping you informed about COVID-19 virus in this uncertain times it becomes helpful. We are closely monitoring this information through official agencies like CDC (Centers for Disease Control, WHO (World Health Organization, LACHA (Los Angeles County Health Agency), CDPH (California Department of Public Health, ACCSC (Accrediting Commission of Schools and Career Colleges, and USDOE (Unites States Department of Education. Until today, all the information we have received from authorities mainly focus on preparedness and prevention.

Although we have no reason to believe any NPCollege student or staff member has contracted or has been exposed to the virus, we want to make sure you have valuable and accurate information about COVID-19's exposure risks, and preventative actions.

Preventive cleaning measures at NPCollege:
• Besides the regular daily cleaning, all contact surfaces and objects frequently touched by students and staff are being cleaned daily with disinfectants and sanitizing wipes following the recommended local and state guidelines from CDC, CDPH, and other agencies.
• At the end of the day, all classrooms will be sprayed with disinfectant before the school is closed.
• "Wash your hands" reminder flyers will be posted very visibly at different strategic points in the school.
• Trash receptacles are emptied multiple times a day.

Emergency Announcements:

STUDENT or STAFF MEMBER DIAGNOSED CASES: In the case of a potential or confirmed COVID-19 infection of a student or staff member, all students and staff will be notified immediately by email and text message about procedures that will be implemented and instructions to follow.
CONFIDENTIALITY: We want to reassure you that confidentiality of information will be highly observed. We are asking you to notify immediately to the college (coordinators for the students, and supervisors for staff members) of any findings about your health status or a household member' status related to COVID -19. We will provide you individually with the procedures to follow.
CANCELLATION OF CLASSES or COLLEGE CLOSURE: Students and staff members will be immediately notified of this decision and the procedures to follow for class assignments and staff assigned work duties from home.

Below you will find comprehensive information from different official agencies containing crucial information about COVID-19. Please practice good health hygiene and follow the guidance of your local health agencies. Please keep yourself informed and share precaution information with other persons in your community. We hope you find this information helpful.


As of today, March 18, 2020:

• On-Campus classes have been suspended and moved to a Blended Curriculum Delivery System. Clinical externship rotations remain unchanged until further notice.

• HEMODIALYSIS and all other Weekend classes have been CANCELLED until further notice.

• We have not received any notification of any student or staff member being diagnosed with COVID-19 infections.

• College campus is open and operating Monday-Friday, 8:00am to 8:30pm. Weekends are now closed to students and visitors.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us:

(562) 206-0262